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More than two decades of grappling with makeshift drawer solutions led to a resounding realization: there must be a better, more practical approach to storage. What ignited as a scribble on a diner napkin evolved into an unwavering quest to revolutionize the daily experiences of hardworking individuals.

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DECKED has ventured far into the realms of research and development, engineering prowess, and meticulous manufacturing to offer customers a simplified life. Driven not only by the pursuit of perfection but also the ethos of ethical practices, DECKED proudly bears the label of products fashioned from recycled materials 100% made in the USA.

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DECKED specializes in crafting innovative storage solutions for a wide range of vehicles. Renowned for their unique approach to organization, DECKED offers drawer systems meticulously designed to optimize storage space while ensuring convenient access to tools, equipment, and essentials. Engineered to fit seamlessly into the bed of pickup trucks and cargo vans, these sliding drawers create well-organized compartments for gear and tools, effectively maintaining a clutter-free vehicle bed while ensuring secure storage. DECKED's vision centers around enhancing the lives of hardworking individuals by saving them time and energy through efficient organization. This commitment is reflected in their products, which are built for durability and practicality.

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