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Rooted in a global presence and driven by an unrelenting commitment to safety and security, our boundless spirit of innovation thrives. The collective experience of our adept product design teams, skilled engineers, and dedicated customer and technical support staff positions us as a trusted partner across the globe.

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At the forefront of innovative equipment, signaling products, and communication and security systems, Federal Signal stands as a pioneer dedicated to enhancing safety for workers, first responders, and communities alike. With a legacy tracing back to 1917, our commitment to fostering safety and minimizing risk has remained unwavering.

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Federal Signal is a prominent manufacturer of safety and security products, renowned for its comprehensive range of lighting solutions. These lighting products find application across diverse scenarios, from emergency vehicles to industrial settings, construction sites, and public safety vehicles. With a focus on ensuring effective and highly visible warning signals in situations demanding enhanced visibility for safety, Federal Signal offers an array of lighting solutions trusted by emergency services, law enforcement agencies, utility companies, and various industries where visibility and safety are of utmost importance. The company is celebrated for its production of durable and dependable lighting products that adhere to industry standards and regulations.

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